Oh my gosh you're right! I should never have mentioned that I nor anyone else could ever believe it was not the deadliest Coof ever. I had thought that since I was merely clarifying an opinion (that happened to be mine), rather than telling people my opinion was necessarily true, that it wouldn't count as medical misinformation. It's interesting - for instance if I said Alex Jones believes the Coof is not much more dangerous than a regular flu, that would NOT be medical misinformation as long as I said I DO believe it is more dangerous.

I wonder if it would still count as medical misinformation if I said I believed Coof wasn't as dangerous, but I clarified after stating that that I'm a dangerous person who should never be listened to by anyone and should be banned by society? Because I think if I said that about Alex Jones they'd let it stay up.

But the actual thought crime here seems to be having an opinion at all. So I can't be punished because Alex Jones has an opinion (as long as I then denounce Alex Jones after telling you what the opinion is) but if I have an opinion (as opposed to reciting received doctrine, which doesn't count), then my very existence as a person with an opinion is in itself medical misinformation.

This stuff all starts to make sense once you work it out.

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Glad to see you've come over to the Dark Side, and now recognize that freedom is a danger to our democracy.

I think I have found the bit in your article "The Sacred Left and Right" that is medical misinformation:

"I understand some readers will believe that The Coof is much more dangerous than a regular infectious disease (I agree it is slightly more dangerous, but I disagree that it is much more dangerous)."

As we all know, the Coof is the Deadliest Disease Ever, and if you catch it, you'll certainly die. So keep wearing those jimmy-jobs and get your latest stabby!

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