Wow, this is an absolute tour de force. I've been posting regularly over the last year on these same "spell words" and how they are used to frame how we view consensus reality, but you've really taken it to the next level. Such an outstanding and crucial piece of writing to be shared widely! Thank you for deconstructing the "spell" that our technocratic elites are spinning...

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Excellent article yet again, Raelle - thank you! I especially got a lot out of your discussion of privilege. Yes - it is time to dispel those terms and underlying messages that do not serve us, learn to trust and empower ourselves, and shine!

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Dec 30, 2021Liked by Relendra

This is a tremendous achievement, erudite, fair and true. I've been waiting and hoping for these arguments to be presented like this, as kind and humane truth. I'm feeling a little less alone having read (and shared) this piece. Thank you!

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Bloooming brilliant! Thank you a gazillion times for articulating such a crucial aspect of the nature of our current reality AND for weaving your essay in such a way that we are once again brought back to our true powerFULLness as beings. My heart feels fuller and lighter for reading!! Have a great day!!

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Hi Raelle, we really liked this, may we publish a portion of it in our print publication The Light paper in a future issue?

Let us know - thelightpaper@protonmail.com

Kind Regards,

Darren x

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thank you that was excellent

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Mar 15Liked by Relendra

Gold, thank you!

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Feb 22, 2022Liked by Relendra

Fantastic, erudite, complete, and wide-ranging as always Raelle.

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Dec 19, 2021Liked by Relendra

A good job on highlighting the usage of these "spell" words. There's absolutely no doubt on the power these words have on we the 'Eloi'. You have given a good analysis, this is good education, thank you for sharing this.

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Nov 29, 2021Liked by Relendra

Yes indeed, a much needed breakdown and exposé of the psychopathic control mechanisms deployed by the global elite. Thank you very much for your time and energy in producing this great piece 🙏🏼 💖

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Brilliant! A friend sent me your essay and I love it! Spells, yes! And I'm so happy to hear someone talk about Privilege the way you did - that psychological operation is something I've felt the moment I saw and heard it coming from people's lips but I could never have articulated it like you did. So thank you thank you for that! Your ending made me cry....Dispel, yes! You've got to have some Scorpio, a strong Pluto or planets in the 8th house eh? :) Maybe some Sadge and strong Jupiter/9th house? :) Subscribing for sure. Thank youuuuuu!!

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Nov 12, 2021Liked by Relendra

I love reading your stuff. It always feels like watching someone build a brick wall with each brick carefully examined and then placed in such a way as though it belongs there and cannot be dislodged.

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Wow. What a bunch of stupid mumbo jumbo. You should be ashamed of yourself to have posted such stupidity.

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So I guess you’re gonna call me a conspiracy theorist

But this isn’t theory,

we learned it from experience

Of being rats a laboratory

of a social experiment

Devised by think tanks,

commissioned by the hidden government

That is, not the ones

on the Television screens

But the faceless ones that hide themselves

like wizards behind the scenes

Pulling the strings

that move their kings and their queens

On the black and white chess board

that they own

Where some are dubbed as knights

for their service to the crown

Others are the military,

the priests or the clowns

And most of us are pawns

who don’t know what’s going down

So these are the rhymes

that you won’t hear on prime time

Or should I say the channels

of the organised criminals

Going out live

and giving us their subliminals

Spinnin and a spinning

the heads of the masses

With tales of terrorism,

pandemics and greenhouse gases

While they fluoridise the water

and spray chemtrails in the skies

Meanwhile watching our reactions

with electronic eyes

Robbing us blind

of our remaining humanity

By imprisoning our souls

in an artificial reality

And finishing us off

with a weapon called Five G.

So I guess you´re gonna call me a conspiracy theorist

If I tell you I don’t buy

all these tales of coronavirus

Cos the stats are being cooked

by the media pirates

In order to sow

fear and panic in your brainwashed mind

And put you under house arrest

with the whole of humankind

Keep your social distancing

and don’t ask too many questions

There’s nothing to see here,

there’s no second intention

Just you keep your trap shut

and be happy with your rations

And don’t you go buying

any non-essential items

Because the world is under threat

from a dangerous contagion

And there ain’t nothing more dangerous

than a bit of critical thinking

So I guess you’re gonna tell me that there isn’t a conspiracy

Even though the system

is based on cons and piracy

Right back through the ages,

through the conquests and crusades

And so on though the centuries

up to 9-11 ´n´ building seven

We’ve had to swallow whole

so many crazy bullshit stories

And be good little citizens

celebrating our masters glories

When the Normans came from France

we got doomsday book and taxes

And nowadays we’re not far off

from mandatory vaxxes

So take that little needle

and let them sink it in your skin

There’s loads of series on Netflix

to help you forget the state we’re in

After all we’re just useless eaters

to be thrown into the bin

So I guess you’re gonna call me a conspiracy theorist

Sat there safe and sound

in your bourgeois middle class home

Watching television

with the WI-FI turned full on

Your ignorance is your bliss

while they microwave your kids

And the ministers read out speeches

written by the Zionists

All in all it’s no surprise,

we’ve been programmed to obey

And accept the international experts

and all the things they say

As they destroy the world economy

right before our eyes

Launching 5G satelites

to watch us from the skies

Telling is it’s the only way

to save us from ourselves

As we fight over the last packs of bog roll

on the supermarket shelves

So I guess you’re gonna call me a conspiracy theorist

And say that I’ve been brainwashed

by that nutter called David Icke

Whilst telling me that freedom

is to go on Facebook and click Like

Just as long as I don’t say

anything politically incorrect

Lest I might offend the feminists,

the gays and Yahweh’s elect

For the UN and the banksters

they have got us by the balls

They’ve backed us into a corner

with our backs against the wall

As Charlie boy and Greta Goblin

jet it around the globe

Lecturing us on climate change

and the evils of fossil fuels

Whilst anyone that blows the whistle

and tells us its all lies

gets two bullets in the head

and they call to suicide

So I guess you’re gonna call me a conspiracy theorist

When I tell that its all a psy op

designed in a behavioural studies institute

Cultural Marxism and Capitalist Marketing

to cut you from your roots

Bilderberg, Illuminati, Skulls and Bones

it’s all the same

To the elders of Zion

it’s all just part and parcel of the game

While MK-Ultra pop stars

promote vanity and lust

Between the politicians and the clergy

there’s no-one left to trust

They’re all run from behind the curtain

by MOSSAD, MI6 and the CIA

As the Gender Ideologists

push out propaganda Gay

You’d have to be deaf, blind and stupid

if you say there’s nothing going on

When right before our eyes

it’s apocalyptic armageddon

So I guess you’re gonna call me a conspiracy theorist

If I tell you that the United Nations

is a Satanic organisation

Designed and put together

by the Rockefeller Foundation

In order to enslave the people

of every nation

And manipulate the hearts and minds

of the global population

With false flag terrorism

and viral pandemonium

While they dish out fancy speeches

from their New World Order podium

Posing as philanthropists,

giving money to mouthy feminists

Promoting more abortions

is the joy of these eugenicists

For century after century

it´s always been the same

And Divide and Rule

is the name of their little game

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